Visual Identity Effect on Sales in H&M

Purpose — The purpose of this study is to find how visual identity components impact on the sales of H&M. Through the establishment of a theoretical model.

Methodology/approach — Base on the model, the thesis used qualitative research and quantitative research method. The qualitative research method referred to the interview with H&M managers. The quantitative research method referred to questionnaires for 120 customers and the Eviews analysis software. Eviews analysis software was used to analyze the mathematical relationship between the visual identity components and H&M sales.

Findings —Through the analysis of the questionnaire and interviews, the thesis found that logotype and/or symbol, advertising and storefront were more important components for H&M sales among the eleven visual identity components. By the Eviews analysis software, the thesis analyzed and found the quantitative relationship between these three visual identity components and the sales revenue of H&M.

Research limitations — First of all, the literature on the study of the visual identity for the company is rare. Second, the result of H&M’s analysis may not be applied to all brands.

Originality/value —The results showed that H&M can invest more on these three important visual identity components we identified to increase their sales revenue. This is a more effective way for brand awareness. At the same time, this paper fills the gaps in the related articles. The thesis is a detailed research of the important visual identity components impacting on the company.
Source: University of Gävle
Authors: Bian, Linhui | Jiang, Qiudi

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