Usability in Three Generations Business Support Systems – Assessing Perceived Usability in the Banking Industry

Background: The business support system has become a necessary tool for managing activities in any organization. Usability is a key area in realizing effectiveness and ensuring users to properly interact with the systems.

Still, today, many systems fail in key areas such as gaining the acceptance of the end users. To understand how the systems in use are perceived by its end users is suggested to be a needed key capability to be successful.

Aim: To assess perceived usability in three generations business support systems. This knowledge is further to be compared and connected to length of employment and how that factor affects perceived usability and preference to a specific system.

Methodology: The study assumes a positivistic position based on a deductive approach. A quantitative strategy was assumed in order to support evidence connected to the three case systems, which were further contrasted by a comparative design. Empirical findings were based on self-completion questionnaires responded by fifty-nine employees of the retail division in a Nordic bank.

Completions and results: Even if this study could not show evidence that length of employment affected which business support system an individual preferred in the case firm, it still had a significant effect on perceived usability in general.

In general it was shown that respondents who had been employed for a longer time assessed the usability factors of the systems higher than the category of short time employees.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Jonsson, Andreas

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