A case study of documentation’s significance: in ERP system development projects

In order to stay competitive in today’s changing business world, companies need to manage the increased complexity as they evolve. To be able to handle this complexity, many companies chose to implement an ERP system. Investing in an ERP system is not something that is made in a trice but is a large investment which together with today’s low-profit margins in companies makes it essential to keep the costs as low as possible.

More than half of the total cost for an ERP investment is said to be related to costs for the system’s maintenance and support. Documentation is one of the factors which affect this cost, and if it is not made satisfactorily it is said to result in a considerable increase of the system’s total cost. This is why it is important not to overlook the documentation as a part of ERP system development project.

The purpose with this study is to investigate the existing documentation routines in ERP system development projects at AB Volvo’s subsidiary Volvo IT, in order to find suggestions of improvement for future projects. In order to fulfill the purpose of the study, we formed a research question with three sub-questions and through a deep analysis of the empirical material we presented the answers to these questions as the conclusions of this study.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Andersson, Andreas | Bergsten, Thomas

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