Assessing the role of Work Motivation on Employee Performance

The main purpose of this study was to assess the role of work motivation on employee performance. This study in an assessment of this purpose used deductive approach in which a qualitative survey was carried out among students of Umeå Business School (USBE) who are assumed to be future employees .

The survey was intended to get their responses on what they feel is (are) the best factors that could motivate them as future employees among a list of ten motivational factors. In this light the study sets to identify the most ranked factors among the ten motivational factors.

The analysis from the empirical findings showed that Job satisfaction was the most ranked factor for both sub groups that made up the sample survey. However a study from previous researches used in this study showed that different results could be obtained from different groups of already working employees. This study therefore can be seen as an introduction to a more detailed study to be carried by future researchers on the field of employee’s motivation.
Source: Umeå University
Author: Ajang, Peter Ebong

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